Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

The Neuk Mental health Crisis Centre

The Neuk is Anchor Houses’ flagship, multi-agency, one stop, crisis centre, dealing with all realms of mental health.

At present we ask that you visit our Facebook page for up to date opening times

We are here to offer support and solutions to people reaching out for help. This is can be in any situation that leaves them feeling unable to cope. When someone reaches a point of crisis, this state of mind is normally only maintained for anything between 20 to 60 minutes.  The adrenaline produced in this state thankfully cannot be maintained long-term so if we can be available at this point then we can make a difference. When in crisis you cant wait for an appointment or a referral to a specialist, you need help there and then and our aim is to provide this at The Neuk.

Our crisis centre will provide a safe haven for these people and a support service to ensure we can meet all their needs, no matter how complex.  The key to our services will be a connected approach with a number of agencies working together towards the same outcome.  So many agencies work independently which restricts outcomes, and we aim to address this by making the Neuk a multi-agency network led by local organisations and volunteers from within the community we aim to serve.

The Neuk is a ‘Hub’ for services in Perth and Kinross with similar aims and objectives to support those in crisis.


We have listened and consulted with service users within our existing services, and also included opinions and the voices of people using specific mental health peer support services in the development and design of this new service.

In developing the service we also followed the progress of Dr David Strang’s Independent Inquiry into Mental Health Services in Tayside. This full report can be accessed at:

An accompanying report ‘Hearing the voice of people with lived experience’ that can be accessed at : . Shared the vision of people with lived experience to a crisis intervention centre that is open out of hours. The centre would be staffed predominantly by volunteers and those who have experience with mental ill health”. This is the exact model that The Neuk will deliver with the added expertise of staff from local and community based services.