Tue. May 28th, 2024

Anyone in the community could encounter someone who is contemplating suicide, such as Police officers, other first responders, school personnel, and individuals in workplaces, churches, and community organisations. This person could even be your child. We welcome everyone along to this event.

This training includes recognising suicidal indications and teaching you how to have conversations surrounding suicide, including how to ask about it, actively listen, and connect that person having suicidal thoughts with the resources they need. This will include learning how to compile a safety plan and cover the follwing learning outcomes:

• The ability to recognise a person at risk of suicide

• The ability to ask about suicide including the ability to display listening and questioning skills

• An awareness of the impact of attitudes on suicide

• Develop risk management skills including working with the person at risk of suicide and others to keep the person safe. Where possible work with the person at risk of suicide to improve their problem solving and self help techniques

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By Wendy Given

Wendy Given is our Chief Operational Officer