Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

The Neuk is Anchor house’s flagship service. It was our aim when we opened our crisis service to have co-located services within, this was to provide people with a one stop shop model.

We are delighted to have with us:

The Lighthouse for Perth


Based with us in the Neuk Building at 18 St Pauls Square Perth. The Lighthouse is a non-profit organisation for people in crisis. They offer support to anyone aged 12-16 who is struggling with their mental health or emotions. This includes people who are having thoughts of self-harm or suicide, or who are finding themselves in emotional distress or crisis. The staff and volunteers at the Lighthouse operate a crisis phone line and can be reached on  0800 121 4820 which is a freephone number.

The Lighthouse for Perth Social Media Contacts


Find them on their Facebook page. This will include all up to date opening times.
Send them a  Facebook message.
Follow them on Twitter.



Women’s Wellbeing Club



They are a group set up for women aged 18+ to meet and talk about mental health issues. In a safe place that is non-judgemental and where people can let things out to others.

They meet online and face to face every Tuesday 6.30 – 8.30pm.

Here in Perth they meet within The Neuk @ 18 St Pauls Square Perth PH1 5QW

Women’s Wellbeing Club Social Media Contacts


Find them on

Email them on

Their website


By Wendy Given

Wendy Given is our Chief Operational Officer