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We have been very lucky to have our new website built by one of our service users, we are now trying to learn how to manage it! We are care workers and not IT experts after all. On that note I would like to say a massive Thanks to Colin Lamont for donating his time to us to come up with this fab new design and for putting up with my IT inadequacies.

We hope that this site becomes a good source of information for all our visitors and if not – please leave us feedback using the contact us link.

The Care Inspectorate


The Care Inspectorate was formed under the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010, and it is within this Act that their functions and powers and duties are defined.

The Care Inspectorate, which has taken over the functions of the Care Commission, the Social Work Inspection Agency (SWIA) and child protection unit of Her Majesty Inspectorate for Education (HMIe), is the independent regulator of social care and social work services across Scotland.


The Care Inspectorate regulates a range of care services, undertakes strategic inspections of Local Authorities social work departments and is also responsible for the scrutiny of children service as set out in the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010.

The Care Inspectorate’s regulatory and scrutiny functions ensure that:

  • Vulnerable people are safe
  • The quality of these services improves
  • People know the standards they have a right to expect
  • They can report publicly on the quality of these services across Scotland
  • They can support and encourage the development of better ways of delivering these services

You can visit the Care inspectorate website by clicking on the following link:



You can read our latest report by clicking on our links page.

Fair Share Food Distribution

Anchor House Perth is currently supported by Fair Share Tayside and Fife.fairsharefood

FareShare Tayside & Fife provides quality surplus food to 55 community projects throughout Dundee, Perth and Kinross and Angus. The team redistributes food from both local and national suppliers, helping to address both food poverty and food waste in and around Dundee.

Fair Share Dundee

Happy New Year 2016

The Management Committee are delighted with the developments of the association during the last year and wishes to convey it’s thanks to the Managing Director Derek Given and his hardworking support team.

Anchor House has yet another successful year under its belt. The staff team has worked hard to deliver on our organisational aim to develop solutions that take into account the many contributing issues that impact on the lives of vulnerable homeless individuals.  Our service provision continues to focus on the individual needing support and we pride ourselves on being pragmatic at developing sustainable solutions.

Partnership working is a key element in the provision of services. Over the past year we have grown substantially and now offer a diverse range of services to a broadening client group. Applying models of support based on best practice.

Anchor House’s Planning Framework consists of a number of interconnected plans dealing with objectives covering the year ahead. Whilst each service is run independently, we focus our planning in an integrated way.


The reasons for an integrated planning process are:

  • To clarify long-term aims.
  • To relate all activities to aims across the Organisation.
  • To make measurable plans.
  • To link future developments in the external environment to internal change.
  • To convince funders that the Organisation is credible and viable and offer value for money.
  • To assess and prioritise resources.
  • To ensure all relevant audiences have an opportunity to be aware of and contribute to the future direction of the Organisation and activities.