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Supporting People Review

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Supporting People Review

At the moment our outreach service is undergoing a review. Our services users are being asked to complete surveys and sent it back to the supporting people team at Pullar house Perth. In addition other professionals that use our services have attended a workshop to give their feedback and views. We have looked at issues such as:

  • what outcomes do you think is being achieved?
  • what works well in people’s experiences?
  • who needs the support and what if anything is changing?
  • how can we work more effectively in partnership with others?
  • how do we know id we are effective?

The response from our service users has been fantastic and comments have been made such as ” I would almost certainly have drunk myself to death if Anchor house was not there to support me” and “I know I can come and get support whenever I need it, I would have lost my house and my self respect”.  These comments have touched our hearts but more importantly they have informed us that we are providing effective support in sustaining tenancies.

If you would like to give feedback then please get in touch I would love to hear from you.



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Wendy Given

Wendy Given is a Service Manager of Anchor House perth